1. Add Avesbot to Discord

Owners of a Discord server can add Avesbot with the button in the navigaton.

For players or the game master it is sufficient to open the Character Administration and authenticate with their Discord Account.

No passwords will be transmitted to Avesbot!
The authentication is processed at the Discord website and you will be directed back to Avesbot afterwards.

2. Character administration

The recommended way to edit your characters is to use the  Character Administration on this website.
Characters can also be edited in Discord chat but some options are only available on this website.
The following commands are available to administer your characters:

  1. /character create name ruleset courage sagacity intuition charisma dexterity agility constitution strength
  2. /character delete name
  3. /character train skill attribute1 attribute2 attribute3 sr [type] [tradition]
  4. /character info [skill] [tradition]
  5. /character list
  6. /character choose name

/character create Creates a new character

This command creates a new character with the attribute values you pass to it.

/character delete

This command deletes the character with the name you pass to the command.

/character train Learn or improve an ability

The active character learns a new or improves an existing ability with the passed values.

/character info Shows information about characters or their abilities

Shows the basic attributes of the active character or one of the abilities the character knows

/character list Shows a list of all characters

This command shows a list with all characters owned by the user.

/character choose Switch the active character

This command chooses the given character as the new active character and all subsequent commands will be executed for this character.

This has to be done with your first and every additional character, if you want to use them!


3. Rolling dices

The following commands let you roll dices manually, use one of the character's abilities or create your own custom dices.

  1. /dice name areas+
  2. /roll dice dice
  3. /roll sum dice
  4. /roll attribute attribute [difficulty]
  5. /roll skill skill [difficulty] [coverage] [tradition]
  6. /roll trial attribute1 attribute2 attribute3 sr [spell] [difficulty]

/dice Create your own dices with named areas


Areas can be added multiple times to increase the probabilitiies!
Avesbot comes with the following symbol dices: Hitzones, Hexology
You can define a maximum of 100 areas per dice.

/roll dice Execute simple dice rolls


You can not roll expressions like 2D+2. Use the /roll sum command instead!

/roll sum Roll simple dices and sum up the result


/roll attribute Execute attribute trials for your character


/roll skill Execute ability trials for your character

An ability (talent, spell or liturgy) trial is executed.
Additionally you can specifiy the difficulty and with spells the used specialization and tradition, if the spell is known in different traditions. You have to calculate the difficulty from spontaneous modifications by yourself, but they will be take into account automatically with a matching specialization, if specified.

/roll trial Executes a custom ability trial

With this ability trial you can additionally specifiy if the trial is a spell to take (dis)advantages modifying the trial into account.
After the attributes for the trial you have to specify the skill rating and optionally declare if it is a spell or not (Y/N) and the difficulty.

/roll slip Executes a critical failure roll for battles

Executes the standard rolls after critical failures during battles.

4. Group commands

  1. /group create name
  2. /group join name
  3. /group leave name
  4. /group choose name
  5. /group attribute attribute [difficulty]
  6. /group skill attribute [difficulty] [tradition]

/group create Creates a new group

Creates a new group with the specified name. Players can join the group with their active character.
Usually this command will be used by the game master so he can execute rolls for the whole adventurer group, after the players joined..

/group join Join a group

A player joins the specified group on the Discord with his/her active character.
Usually this command will be used by the players.

Characters can be part of different groups at the same time!

/group leave Leave a group

A player leaves the specified group with his/her active character.
Usually this command will be used by the players.

/group choose Switch the active group

Switch between your available groups on the Discord.
Only the owner of a group can utilize the roll functions for the whole group!

/group attribute Rolls an attribute trial for all group members

This command lets you execute an attribute trial for all group members of your active group.
Additionally you can specify the difficulty of the trial.

/group skill Rolls an ability trial for all group members

Lets you execute an ability (talents, spells, liturgies) trial for all members of your active group. Additionally you can specify the difficulty and the tradition if you roll for a spell.

Characters without the specified ability will be omitted!
Use the group roll commands in a restricted channel to roll secretly for the group members.
Avesbot needs read and write access to that channel!

5. Additional commands

  1. /settings language locale
  2. /settings hidestats hide

/settings language Set the localization of Avesbot

The localization will affect all responses send by avesbot. You can specify any locale in the form of language_REGION. Avesbot will use the best matching language automatically or defaults to english. You can also specify an unsupported locale, so you will automatically use the language when there is a translation added for your language in the future.

/settings hidestats Shows or hides character stats in trials

This setting will hide or show the characters stats, so the other players can (not) see the strengths or weaknesses of the other charcters. Only the result of trials will be shown if this option is enabled. This setting applies to all channels of your Discord.